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Imagerie des Pionniers is currently open, and is back to our regular schedule. Plain x-rays are done on a walk-in, first come first serve basis, no appointment needed. Exceptional measures have temporarily been put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic in order to minimise the risk of transmitting the virus.

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Conventional Radiography

Conventional radiography (x-rays) is the fundamental tool of diagnostic radiology. Medical tests such as pulmonary or knee radiography enable physicians to diagnose common illnesses such as pneumonia, fractures or osteoarthritis.

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Ultrasonography is a technique which involves the emission of ultrasounds (sound waves) through the body, and the recording of the subsequent echo, to create a real-time image. It is non-invasive and poses no known risk to humans. It is the preferred technique to evaluate pregnant women, children as well as adults.

Various systems and regions can be studied such as the abdomen, pelvis or the thyroid. Ultrasonography is a complementary technique to MRI and CT SCANs and enables the radiologist to diagnose multiple conditions.

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging

MRI is one of the best techniques for the investigation of various health conditions. Evaluation of the brain, spine, and joints (shoulders, knees, etc) have been revolutionized by MRI.

A modern radiologist's practice would be quite different were it not for MRI. Clinical applications of the technique are continually being developed: two examples are entero-MRI and prostate MRI. Both of these recent advances are offered at Imagerie des Pionniers.

The majority of examinations last for half an hour. Older equipment with shallower bore may increase claustrophobic feelings in some patients. However, the high-tech equipment at Imagerie des Pionniers features a large aperture bore which helps put patients at ease in this very useful non-invasive diagnostic tool.

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Bone densitometry

This tool is dedicated to measuring bone mineral density, enabling the diagnosis of osteoporosis and monitoring response to its treatment.

Loss in bone density secondary to other factors, i.e. not osteoporosis, can also be measured by this technique. The measurements are made with the patient laying on her back, immobile for a couple of minutes. The open layout of the examination table prevents the onset of claustrophobic feelings.

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CT Scan

CT Scan is a technique which enables the investigation of numerous health problems. It uses ionizing radiation to produce anatomical images in various slices, which are then reconstructed by a computer into a coherent study.

The patient is laid on his or her back on a mobile table which enters the aperture of the equipment. The measurements are made very quickly and thus claustrophobia is prevented. It is sometimes necessary to inject an iodinated contrast agent into a vein during the exam.

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Virtual Colonoscopy

This is a specialized technique based on the CT Scan, which uses low doses of radiation to generate a 3D map of the colon. This is useful when looking for polyps and cancers in the colon.

The technique replaces barium enemas, which is considered an archaic technique. Imagerie des Pionniers does not offer barium enemas and has done so for many years following its adoption of virtual colonoscopy. The latter is a much better technique which looks for polyps, which are precursors of full-fledged cancer.

Virtual colonoscopy can be prescribed by your physician for screening purposes or as a follow-up to an optical examination of the colon. It can be useful when a patien cannot tolerate an optical colonoscopy, or when an optical colonoscopy is dangerous (often in anticoagulated persons, where ceasing medication is contraindicated).

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